Friday, April 8, 2011

Action Plan for Chennai India-Against-Corruption movement- 8th April

Greetings to all fellow crusaders,

On behalf of IAC Chennai, We are grateful for your kind support to fight this endless battle against corruption. Our apologies for the various miscommunications that were floating around for the major portion of the day. We will try and avoid this kind of confusion in the future by a more structured information spreading.

Let us be united in our efforts and demand for the govt. to sign the Anna's Lok Pal Bill. We need to intensifyour efforts and focus only on this goal and fight this jointly and not allow any distraction.

Tomorrow (or rather today) we will be having a quiet gathering at Marina Beach. This will be for a signature campaign for a letter that is addressed to the Prime Minister. We can also have some short inspirational speeches by our enthusiasts to show our feelings. Please remember that your enthusiasms should not be directed against any particular political party to avoid being labelled as pro or anti any party on the eve of elections.

AT 9.30 am, we will be assembling at Takkar Baba Vidyalaya, Venkatanarayana Road, T. Nagar. During this gathering we will be having group prayers, bhajans. The Director of Thakkar Baba Vidyalaya, Mr. Annamalai has requested that we do not announce any person fasting on the premise. This is to avoid any confusions. Thakkar Baba Vidyalaya has a rich tradition of Gandhian way of life and it is often seen in modern days that the word Satyagraha and Hunger fast be misused. Mr. Annamalai wouldn't want the campus of this venerable institution hosting a mockery of fasts. You may have different views on this thought but we request that the deep-seated thoughts of Mr. Annamalai should not be slighted by any of our actions or utterances. This is the least that we could do as gratitude for letting us assemble at a single place.

As per the request that we have received from our all India coordinators, in the evening between 6.30 and 7.30 pm we will be having a candlelight vigil / march at a venue yet to be decided. We will be announcing this before 12.00 pm tomorrow. At 8.00 pm sharp, all of us wherever we are, we should sing the National Anthem. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CANDLELIGHT VIGIL AND NATIONAL ANTHEM SINGING ARE TO BE OBSERVED NATIONWIDE.

Please circulate this agenda to all your friends so that we spread the message far and wide that Chennai has got into the act at last.


on behalf of Chennai IAC

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